JJ Johnson "The Jet"

Jet Fitness was founded by head trainer & boxer, JJ "The Jet" Johnson. What initially began as a side project to help friends get in shape while supporting his boxing career, Justin has evolved Jet Fitness into a full-scale gym with local and international clientele.

What makes Jet Fitness unique is the genuine companionship between the trainers and the clients, whom are both invested in reaching each other's goals and overcoming obstacles. In order to achieve a client's goals, the duty of an elite trainer goes beyond what happens in the gym, it's about making serious and dramatic lifestyle changes - this is the Jet Fitness mission.

Matt Rogien

Hi my name is Matt Rogien, I'm a senior at Michigan State University studying at the Broad College of Business. I started weight training in early high school and along the way developed a passion for martial arts. I started boxing about 2 years ago and incorporated many unique training methods into my workouts.

What fuels my passion is seeing clients, family members, and friends progress physically and mentally. I'm excited to push you to be the best version of yourself inside and outside of the gym.

Dan Heintz

Hi, my name is Dan Heintz, I'm a student at Michigan State studying business management and entrepreneurship. I started boxing 4 years ago and have been interested in martial arts most of my life.

I strive to bring out the best version of each and every client mentally and physically. I hope to surpass your expectations because your success is my success!