The Top Boxing, Training, and Fitness Center

Jet Fitness is a full-service fitness facility that offers top-notch boxing and fitness coaching located in Okemos, MI. Our small business provides a safe and motivational environment to meet all your fitness goals. We offer a wide variety of Boxing Fitness, Sport-Specific PT, Kickboxing, and Weight Training that is open to all genders, skill levels, and ages. If you're looking to make extreme positive changes, both mentally and physically, you've come to the right place!

Superior Trainers With Personalized Attention To Your Fitness Goals.

What makes us unique is the genuine relationship between the trainers and our clients. We are passionate about reaching your goals and overcoming any obstacles that stand in the way. In order to achieve this, our elite trainers go beyond what happens in the gym. We encourage you to make serious and positive lifestyle changes in and outside the gym. Contact us today to ask about our gym memberships.

More Than Just a Gym but A Mission to Motivate You!

The strong willpower of our trainers' encourages our clients to take the extra steps to achieve long-lasting lifestyle changes. We will do this by helping clients establish healthy habits that will result in a total transformation of the body & mind. Not every gym is willing to do this, but at our gym we believe with enough support and encouragement, positive habits can be easily integrated into your daily life.